Digging Into The Past

Digging Into The Past

Ancient China

Hi (or should I say” Ni Hao”)

So much to say about this program, (that I cannot possibly do it justice) in this short blog.  Students will explore ancient China through my power point slides and unroll a scroll to find contributions or inventions.

Silk is still very valuable today!  I have a beautiful 100+ year old silk robe and an actual silk worm cocoon that I will bring to your classroom.  We will discuss the value and beauty of this natural resource as well as watch a video clip from a silk worm factory.

New Skills

I demonstrate Calligraphy on my rice paper board and then I guide the students through the process of painting calligraphy with their own re-useable rice paper boards and brushes. They are amazed when they paint their symbols with just water and then watch them disappear!

Do you have some actors /actresses in your class?  Well……this is where they’ll really shine!  I will provide costumes for 4 students to impersonate the first Emperor and his Royal Servants from Ancient China as well as an archeologist.  I have the best time seeing these students get into character and perform this short skit.

Digging Up the Past

Let’s dig up the past (literally)! Your little archaeologists will uncover Chinese artifacts in containers and log there information before we share their big reveals. Talk about students having fun and being actively engaged in learning!!

I’m excited every time I have the pleasure of seeing  Ancient China come to life in each and every classroom I present to!