Brain Trek Program Overview

Our programs have reached over 50,000 school children bringing extraordinary, interactive programs to your class room! No boring lectures! Each Brain Trek high quality program actively engages students for 60 minutes. All programs are tailored to meet current SOL standards.

Ancient China-Digging Into the Past

Discover contributions from China that changed our world! In this exciting hands-on program, Brain Trek will introduce your class to the world of Chinese archaeology.


The Pueblo People

How did the first Americans live in the dry deserts of the Southwest and how do they live today? In this popular program, Brain Trek will lead your students on an exciting exploration of the Pueblo culture.

Lakota Life on the Great Plains

The First Americans who made the wind-swept prairie their home. On this journey, the students will meet “Effie”, a charming wooly mammoth who will discuss with them the need to adapt to change.

The Explorers

Brain Trek will create an atmosphere of discovery and adventure in your classroom. Within minutes, your students will be transformed into mapmakers and explorers…

Third Grade Math Year End Review

Take a “trip” to the Virginia Beach oceanfront and make connections between real life situations and Virginia SOLs from your classroom!

Fifth Grade Year End SOL Review

In this fast paced program, Jeff, LeeAnn, Jasmine and Zach will figure out how much money to put in the parking meter, have breakfast at the Pocohantas Pancake House surrounded by scene…

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