The Pueblo People

The Pueblo People

Native America

Already planning for Thanksgiving?   Then plan on me coming to your classroom to teach or enhance your Native Americans unit!

Eastern Woodlands, Lakota, and Pueblo…oh my!

It’s a lot to teach and learn but I’ve got the actual “tools” to teach it!  Students will learn just how Native Americans lived long ago through power point slides tailored to the SOL curriculum and hands-on objects and activities.

Let’s take a trip across the country exploring each region and its natural resources. When they actually “travel” through each region, the students gain a better understanding of how each group of Native Americans were able to survive by adapting to their surroundings. Want your students to build a multi-story terraced building?  Well…..they can and they get so excited about this activity that it’s like handing out presents when I hand out the pueblo kits.  I’ve had some students so inspired by this activity that they go home and build their own Pueblo homes out of tissue and shoe boxes! Your students will not forget the experience of holding a Buffalo hide, tail or ribs?  I love seeing their minds working as they hold the bones and imagine the many uses they had for these buffalo parts.

Helping Teachers

Let me make your planning a little easier, while you have fun too! I promise your students will appreciate and learn everything they need to know (and more) about these Native Americans.