Fifth Grade Year End SOL Review

Fifth Grade Year End SOL Reviews

End of the Year SOL Review

Take a “trip” to the Virginia Beach oceanfront and make connections between real life situations and Virginia SOLs from your classroom! Students will be actively engaged for 1 hour of fun while reviewing all that they’ve learned from first – fifth grade.

Fast paced, fun program

In this fast paced program, Jeff, LeeAnn, Jasmine and Zach will travel from one end of the Virginia Beach waterfront to the other. They will jump out of the car, figure out how much money to put in the parking meter, have breakfast at the Pocohantas Pancake House surrounded by scenes of Christopher Newport, Powhatan and even Sioux Indians and rush down to the water.

Following behind, your students can discover for themselves – natural resources, basic needs, erosion, the adaptive behavior of animals, building ancient architecture, the use of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, Olympic sports, pollution, conservation, condensation and how it takes a simple machine to open a bottle of Coke!

On the boardwalk, the quick pace of review continues – Roman wall paintings, Chinese inventions, the water cycle, a peek into the Timbuktu restaurant, economics,  rules,  food chains, migration, mental math, etc. !!

Then the beach will unfold right in your classroom! We’ll spread out a beach towel and meet land & sea animals, examine the plants they eat and discuss physical and behavioral adaptations. Flipping over the beach towel, a map of three continents is ready to be labeled and filled with landmarks.

Don’t miss the fun! Review Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!



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