Plan your in-school field trip today!

Brain Trek programs are easy to schedule.

  • BrainTrek programs are one hour in length
  • All programs are designed to be taught in your classroom.
  • $80.00 per class plus $25.00 travel fee per day
  • Maximum enrollment  25 students per class
  • Minimum 2 back-to-back classes

Teachers, book now to get the dates that will work best for your pacing guides.  You may prefer to schedule a program at the beginning of your unit to be used as an introduction or at the end of your unit to be used as a review


About Debra Culpepper

Debra Culpepper, director of Brain Trek has a Master’s Degree in Education with more than ten years of classroom teaching experience and is a licensed teacher in Virginia. Debra has also led Chesapeake Public Schools SOL Remediation Classes. Brain Trek’s revolutionary approach to interactive learning is fun for students AND teachers. “We do it all, no work for the teachers!”


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