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Our programs have reached over 50,000 school children bringing extraordinary, interactive programs to your class room! No boring lectures! Each Brain Trek high quality program actively engages students for 60 minutes. All programs are tailored to meet current SOL standards.  

Brain Trek began as Experiential Learning in 2004. The name Brain Trek was adopted in 2009 and in 2011 Debra Culpepper took over the leadership role as it’s the new Director.  Debra has a Master’s Degree in Education with more than ten years of classroom teaching experience and is a licensed teacher in Virginia.  Debra has also led Chesapeake Public Schools SOL Remediation Classes. Brain Trek is a revolutionary approach to interactive learning as reviewed by teachers!

“The program moves beautifully-great mix of activities.”

“Hands-on, relevant, and requires great recall of knowledge!  We will be contacting you next year.”

“I can’t think of a single way to improve.”

Brain Trek is committed to creating and presenting exceptional quality programs to meet the needs of teachers.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  If we don’t offer a program you are looking for, let us know

Programs for Second Grade

Travel to New Worlds ~ Study Exciting Cultures  

Ancient China-Digging Into the Past

In this exciting hands-on program, Brain Trek will introduce your class to the world of Chinese archaeology.

The Pueblo People

In this popular program, Brain Trek will lead your students on an exciting exploration of the Pueblo culture.

Lakota Life on the Great Plains

Brain Trek introduces your class to the First Americans who made the wind-swept prairie their home.

Programs for Third Grade

Map Makers & Explorers ~ Year End SOL Review   

The Explorers - Map Makers & Explorers

In this totally hands-on program, Brain Trek will create an atmosphere of discovery and adventure in your classroom.

Third Grade Math Year End Review

Students will be actively engaged for 1 hour of fun while reviewing all that they’ve learned from first – fifth grade


Combines practical hands on computation with fun for this engaging program! 

Experiential – Learning

Brain Trek takes you on a learning adventure

Our programs successfully expand the classroom for fun, exploration, and live learning. Cultivating exciting group education by transporting you to far away lands, students take virtual road trips, traveling to extraordinary places without ever leaving the classroom. Brain Trek is motivation for students AND teachers! 

Brain Trek Programs for

Young Minds

Escape! Join the quest to make sols exciting for students!

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