Year End SOL Review

Year End SOL Review

Engaging SOL review!

What teacher doesn’t relish the thought of her students having fun while actively engaged in a cumulative review?

I love all of the Brain Trek programs but what I love most about the Year-end Review and/or Math Review program is that the kids gets so excited when they recognize the places in my Virginia Beach power point.  I hear them say, “Oh, I’ve been there!” throughout the game.  They instantly realize that they’ve been taught skills and concepts that really have a purpose.  They understand why they’ve learned some things that they may have deemed “useless”.

Game Format

This program brings out the best in students and teachers!  The game format allows me to move at each class’ pace.  I have 50+ slides that keep them engaged and active. It brings me so much joy to see students having fun and excited to work together in teams. So many good discussions, problem solving, and recall of facts being shared within each group….it’s a teacher’s proud moment (hour) of their job well done!! One hour goes by so fast that the students honestly moan when the hour is up.


I have a geography component that involves a beach towel map that we sit around with hands on symbols that students can place on the map. This can be added to the last 15 minutes of the program if the teacher would like to review continents, oceans, rivers, mountain ranges, and ancient civilizations.

So, let’s get ready to have some fun while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.